• How far in advance should I call to schedule my auto transport?
  • The more time we have to prepare to pick your vehicle up, the better. We have trucks that pick vehicles up and deliver them all throughout the United States and when we have advance notice that someone needs to have a car picked up it is easier to schedule a truck when we know ahead of time. Calling at least 3-4 weeks in advance is
  • How long will it take to transport my vehicle to a new state?
  • Travel time will depend on several things including the location of pickup and the distance to the delivery location. Inclement weather, accidents, driver rest stops and even customers that arrive late to meet the driver can affect auto transport times. Generally, when shipping from either coast to the other it will take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. Shipping from either coast to the Midwest will take up to 5 days and north to south will take 5-10 days. Our agents will let you know the approximate time it will take your vehicle to be picked up and delivered to the new location when you get your quote and schedule services.
  • Will my car be insured during auto transport?
  • Yes. Every vehicle that we transport is insured. Coverage will cover the car in case of accident from bumper to bumper but it will not cover personal items that may be left behind in the car. We advise all customers to check with their private auto insurance company to ensure that their personal auto insurance is active and will also cover the vehicle during shipment. This is especially a good idea if you have custom stereo components or other after-market accessories that are attached inside of the car.
  • If I live in a small, rural area or on a road that is very narrow, will that be a problem for the auto transport driver?
  • If your home or office is far from a major interstate or on a road that a large auto carrier cannot access, the driver may need to have you meet him with the car at a location nearby your home or office where he can easily maneuver the truck to load the car as well as turn the truck around when leaving. The driver will make every
    possible attempt to get as close to your preferred location as possible but will usually arrange to meet at a local
    shopping center or major roadway near you.
  • What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?
  • An open transport carrier is open on all sides and will expose the vehicle to the elements just as driving would do. Vehicles are safe on open carriers and it is the least expensive way to move a car via the interstate as well as when shipping overseas. Enclosed transport carriers are sealed on all sides and are recommended for classic, antique and extremely expensive cars and trucks as well as motorcycles and other specialty vehicles. The cost of enclosed transport can range from 35% to more than 50% higher than open transport.
  • Should I leave a full tank of gas in the car when it is being transported?
  • The less gas in the car, the better. Anything over a quarter of a tank is unnecessary and will just add weight to the truckload. We will transport your vehicle if more fuel is in the tank, but we recommend that you keep it under a quarter tank to lighten the load.
  • I have an SUV, why does it cost more to ship larger vehicles?
  • Larger vehicles will take up more space on the transport carrier than economy or mid-size cars will. When a large SUV, van or truck needs to be moved it will often take up the space that two smaller cars could fit into and there will be fewer cars on the carrier than usual. Due to this, an oversized vehicle fee will be charged for vehicles that will take up a larger space on the carrier.
  • What type of paperwork will I need to provide to have my car transported?
  • If you are having your vehicle transported via the interstate, the only thing that will be needed is for you to sign the bill of lading when the driver picks the car up. If you are moving the car out of the United States, you will need proof of ownership and other legal documentation before the car may be shipped. Our agents will discuss all necessary paperwork as well as other important information for shipping your car internationally in detail for those customers that will be shipping outside of the United States.
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